Collective Consulting Group

I highly recommend to anyone looking for comprehensive web development services to contact Damien and AdvaLogic. Damien’s talents go far beyond his skills as a web designer and programmer, which are already exceptional on their own. The real benefits of working with him are his constant professionalism, willingness to take on any challenge, and his passion for the work that he does. He owns each and every project he gets his hands on. When I was developing the backend of a membership intranet during my At-Large campaign and with Collective Consulting, Damien created exceptionally detailed work plans in both cases and worked hard to clarify our goals on the front end of the project, saving us days’ worth of work and delivering major savings for high-quality work. 

Christopher Conroy

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

I had the pleasure of working with Damien during the winter of 2013. Damien willingly volunteered to implement an Excel workshop for 20 of my student trainees at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Damien was flexible and easy to work with during the planning of the workshop. He understood the diverse student population we serve and was able to design the workshop to fit the needs of the group and their level of understanding Excel. Damien was an outstanding facilitator. He incorporated fun games, interactive hands-on exercises, and even peer teaching during the workshop. It was evident that Damien has a passion for teaching and a lot of experience working with young adults. I admired the special connection he was able to make with our students in a way that made them want to listen, learn, and engage. I would recommend Damien without any hesitation.

Rachada Hiranyaket

Lightshed Photography Studio

We hired Damien to overlook and re-design the IT situation at our photography studio and were immediately impressed by his professionalism and attention to detail. Damien oversaw and executed the selection, ordering, and installation of a brand new computer network that allows us to edit and backup our data worry-free. In addition, he’s provided technical assistance and trouble-shooting for a wide variety of computer and network-related issues over the years. His services come with our highest recommendation.

Daniel St. John

Lightshed Photography Studio

We called Damien when our server crashed in the middle of our busiest season. We had little time to get everything up and running again to make our deadlines. Damien was professional and efficient. He worked late each night until he got our system back up and running. He put into place a backup system to ensure we never had to face the same issue again. We call Damien for all our IT needs and would highly recommended him.

Kendra St. John

Lightshed Photography Studio

Damien is a one of a kind expert in computer science and networking, who has taken our business from operating on two unlinked computers, to a custom designed and secure network capable of remote login. Our network security is comparable to that of a bank, and the read and write speed so fast that it actually takes longer to save files to a local drive, than our external RAID server. Working with Damien is one of the best decisions we have made as a company.

Robert Reynolds